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Alexander Berg

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I apprenticed photographers in Japan in the late 80's while I was modeling there for 4 years. By happenstance I met with Herb Ritts who invited me to come over to LA to assist him, that was the moment I chose to go into photography fully. After studies at Parsons School of Design I assisted Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber andPatrick Demarchelier. A few years later I started doing my portrait project ONE SHOT in New York, in 2006 after a second month long session and with little over 800 portraits, the images where first shown at DKNY at the "where Fashion meets art" venue. I was then invited to Beijing to exhibit as well do my project there. In 2008 I completed the geographical part of the project in Turkey and exhibited the imagery during the Istanbul Biennial. Each one of these 1700 portraits where captured in a 15-20 minute session and with only one single sheet of film per person. This project educated me that the environment, mental as well and physical is crucial to what the outcome of the session will be. I continue to work in film and with the large format camera when the situation calls upon it. I am happy to say that several years in front of the camera taught me how to read the comfort level of a person about to be depicted. I am fascinated by the vulnerable human expression, and always humbled of the person who is sitting for a portrait and their presence.


Photography: Commercial, Editorial Portraiture, Yoga Books, Pharmaceutical Ads, Executive head-shots

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